Judge acknowledges frustration with slow drivers

donegal town court

A judge acknowledged a motorist’s “frustration” with slow drivers when he dismissed charges of driving without reasonable consideration for other road users.

Judge Kevin Kilrane dismissed two charges of the same offence within 10 minutes on the N15 between Barnesmore Gap and Donegal town against Francis Lawne last February 18.

The judge was told of Lawne flashing lights and sounding his horn as he overtook another vehicle and later causing difficulties at a roundabout.

A woman prosecution witness overtaken by 42-year-old Lawne told the court that she thought he was “a young fellow who was out joy-riding”.

Lawne, who denied the offences, told gardai he was “frustrated” with other drivers on the road.

The judge said at Donegal District Court that no speeding was involved as cars drove at between 40 and 50 kilometres per hour. He wasn’t satisfied there was sufficient evidence against Lawne, of Lurganboy, Donegal.

It would be “a huge leap” to convict on two charges which would carry a total of 10 penalty points.