Majella O’Donnell says we need to be proactive instead of reactive about mental health


Majella O'Donnell has spoken out on the issue of mental health services in the country.

In an online post Majella, said we as a country need to be proactive about mental health instead of being reactive, she believes mental health is becoming and will continue to become a huge issue for people as a result of pressures within the world today.

Majella spoke of an experience her friend had first-hand when she sought private help for depression and anxiety.

The friend contacted a psychiatrist and was told she needed to be referred by a GP, she wouldn't be seen until February and that it would cost €300 per hour.

In response to this, Majella took to social media in disgust and described the fee as unjustifiable.

However, she did praise local mental health groups and said that we need; 'as a country, to sort this problem with accessing psychiatrists and if there is a shortage then we need to actively start incentivising medical students to look at psychiatry as their specialty.'

'There are so many new pressures in our world today that problems with our mental health are becoming and will continue to be a huge issue for people.'

The question was asked; 'Why do we have to wait until a person is so desperate for help that they are considering taking their own lives before we are willing to do something about it?'