High levels of pollution being monitored in Derry


The Public Health Agency has revealed that high levels of air pollution are being monitored in Derry, with people advised to take extra care if they have a respiratory illness.

While most people will not be affected by short term peaks in air pollution, people with existing heart or lung conditions may experience increased symptoms.

Pollution rates are monitored on a 24-hour bases with very high levels of PM 10, Particulate Matter and PM 2.5, Particulate Matter recorded in the Rosemount area of Derry.

However, low levels of Sulphur Dioxide, Ozone and Nitrogen Oxide were also recorded in the area.

The Public Health Agency is warning people who have a respiratory illness to be conscious of the effects on their health and to reduce time spent outdoors and avois busy, congested areas.

You are advised if you think you may be affected by air pollution levels to consider modifying your treatment.