Finn Valley AC to join the stars for “I AM BOLT” premiere


Monday evening in London will open a new experience for a small group of ten Finn Valley ac members and members of the Simms family, Milford.

They will join the buzz of a world premiere occasion at the Odeon Leicester Square for the red carpet launch of the film I AM Bolt . They'll mingle with stars of sport and screen and of course join with the iconic main man himself Usain Bolt to let the world know that globally the documentary is at that point in cinemas worldwide.

The invitations come via Richard / Marian Simms who have been such an influence in the Jamaican athletes career through a period initially at 16 yrs old when he won the world junior title and onwards to Beijing, London and the Rio Olympics where he won and defended his titles adding world records and world titles to the list with the ever present Ricky Simms at his shoulder.

It should prove a thrilling and enjoyable experience all due to a young lad who began his athletics career while at the Royal & Prior School and Finn Valley ac and was to become a massive influence to so many world lead athletes.