Council may be asked to vacate Thorn Road premises today


The Letterkenny based property developer who has taken possesion of a building he claims is rightfully his says he will ask Donegal County Council to vacate the premises if the authority has not signed a new lease by this afternoon.

The Kube on Thorn Road was taken into receivership along with a number of other properties owned by Brendan Gildea in 2011, but he questions the validity of that process.

Last week, helped by members of a group called "A Helping Hand", Mr Gildera entered the building and changed the locks.

He had said he would allow Donegal County Council's laboratory, the building's sole tenant to operate as normal, but on Monday he declined to alow staff enter the building claiming satisfactory proof of insurance had not been provided.

Today's Donegal News reports that the manager of the laboratory told them that the council understands this is a matter of ownership of the property between two external parties, and they hope that issue is resolved by the relevant parties as quickly as possible.