First patients at North West Cancer Centre already being scanned


The North West Cancer Centre will become operational next week, however some patients have already been scanned within the centre and the first patient for radiotherapy treatment will arrive next week.

The centre will benefit patients both North and South of the border with the centre committing to taking in 1500 annually, 400 of those from the Letterkenny catchment area.

Dr David Stewart is Lead clinical oncologist at North West Cancer Centre ...

The award unity will open in the new year with 27 rooms available for patients, equipped with a day bed in each room for close friends or relatives to stay.

The centre incorporates a pre-treatment suite, radiography suite, treatment planning suite, superficial treatment unit and ward.


The highest quality of radiotherapy equipment has been installed with £4.5 million spent on 3 radiographer machines.

Fiona Beattie, Assistant Director of Cancer services at the North West Cancer Centre says patients will no longer have to make the long journey's to Dublin or Galway ...