Council confirms Kiltoy Traffic Management Plan was agreed on November 4th


Donegal County Council has confirmed a Traffic Management Plan for works on the N56 at Kiltoy in Letterkenny was formulated by the contractor SIAC following consultations with the council and gardai.

The plan was finalised on Friday November 4th, the week before the road was closed and diversions were put in place.

The measures were put in place on Monday of last week, with a number of local businesses saying they were unaware that the road was to be closed.

The council says at a scheduled progress meeting held at the site on Wednesday last, the current traffic management measures and future plans and program were discussed . The importance of public information and communication was impressed upon the contractor.

Additional signage was proposed, and the matter is still under discussion.

The council does not address calls for a one way system, but says the traffic management arrangements will be constantly under review, and subject to change as necessary during what is an estimated 6 month contract.