Donald Trump is President-Elect of the USA


Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States.

He's addressing his supporters in New York now, after claiming key states including Florida and North Carolina.

He's promising to 'bind the wounds of division', and be a President for all of America.

Hillary Clinton called her rival to congratulate him on his victory.

Earlier, her campaign chief told crowds at what was supposed to be her victory rally to go home.

The Republicans also appear to have held both Houses of Congress.

Financial markets have tumbled this morning on investors' fears about the economy - with the US dollar falling and shares down across Asia.

Paying tribute to his opponent after what he called a hard campaign, Mr Trump said America owes Secretary of State Hilary Clinton a huge debt of gratutude.

He said his election did not come from a campaign, it came as a result of a movement.