Pickets today on several schools in Donegal, Derry and Tyrone



A nationwide one day strike action by secondary school teachers attached to the ASTI will see hundreds of schools close today.

400 schools, three of them in Donegal, were closed yesterday for health and safety reasons - as ASTI members withdrew from supervision and substitution duties.

Today's industrial action centres on the fact that teachers who qualified after 2011 are paid less than their colleagues.

Meanwhile, lunchtime protests will be mounted by four teachers unions outside several schools in Northern Ireland today. Eight schools will be picketed in County Derry and seven in County Tyrone in the row over low pay.

Teachers Northern Ireland say they are paid up to 16% less than colleagues in some other parts of the UK.

Here, the cabinet meets today, with how to cover the revised garda pay offer one of the key items on the agenda.