Garda whistleblower believed to have been followed from Donegal by unmarked car

Garda Cars

The Garda Ombudsman says that it is investigating an allegation that a Garda whistleblower was followed to a confidential meeting with GSOC by an unmarked garda car.

RTE's This Week revealed that the alleged surveillance happened when Garda whistleblower Keith Harrison had travelled from Donegal to Galway to attend the meeting in March past.

Mr Harrison claims he was victimised after arresting a colleague in 2009 on suspicion of drink-driving.

Following the meeting, Garda Harrison alleges that his car was followed by an unmarked car, claimed to be one that regularly drove past his home in Donegal.

RTE's This Week says that they understand that GSOC has taken the allegation seriously.

One of Garda Harrison's long-standing allegations, is that his home in Donegal has been subject to unwarranted garda surveillance with both marked and unmarked cars regularly driving past.