Malin Head Coastguard coordinates successful long range rescue mission

14572221_1219910144719485_2852072708809474840_nMalin Head coastguard, working with the UK Coastguard coordinated a long range Medevac from a Merchant Vessel over Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

The vessel was situated 183 nautical miles west of Blacksod Co Mayo.

RCC Malin tasked R118 from Sligo while the UK Coastguard provided a back up Helicopter R936 which re-positioned to Sligo.

The vessel which was 400 Nautical Miles off the coast when the initial alarm was raised had an injured crewman on board.

Coordination was passed to MRSC Malin who tasked R118 and successfully winched the injured crewman to safety when the vessel was within range, the injured man was handed over to an awaiting ambulance at Sligo Airport.

His current condition is not known.