Police in Derry and Strabane announce autumn road safety programme


Police in Derry City and Strabane are urging everyone to switch onto road safety during the autumn months.

There will be an increase in policing activity in the areas this Thursday in a bid to clamp down on speeding and paying particular attention to driving behaviour around schools.

In a statement, Superintendent Mark McEwan says with the darker evenings and weather conditions the roads can be a more dangerous place not just for drivers but pedestrians and cyclists too.

Rush hour, heavy traffic, and increased activity around schools means motorists all need to pay extra attention he said.

This Thursday there will be a significant increase in policing activity around schools, main roads, and areas where local people have expressed concerns around driving standards.

Officers in Derry City and Strabane will be focusing their attention on speeders, dangerous drivers, careless driving around schools, and pedestrian safety through a mixture of enforcement and engagement opportunities.

Police will also be visiting schools to reinforce the importance of staying safe on the roads.