Donegal to start with Kerry on provisional National Football League fixture list

Donegal Gaa

The provisional fixtures for next years National Football League have been released.

Donegal will have four home and three away games in 2017.

They will start their Division 1 campaign at home to Kerry on Sunday 5th February. A trip to Roscommon will follow seven days later before a two week break.

All Ireland finalists and defending league champions Dublin will come to Donegal on the last Sunday in February while Rory Gallagher's first Saturday game of the year is against Cavan on the 4th March.

Neighbours Tyrone will make the short trip across the border to Donegal on Saturday 18th March while Monaghan will be the visitors the following Saturday the 25th.

The last round of games will be on Sunday 2nd April with Donegal away to Mayo.

Tyrone start life back in the top division with a home fixture against Roscommon on Sunday 5th February.

Thats one of four home ties for Mickey Harte's side, the others are Cavan (Sat 25th Feb), Monaghan (Sat 4th March) and Mayo (Sun 26th March).

Along with Donegal (Sat 18th March), the two other away games for the O'Neill county are in Dublin (Sat 11th Feb) and Kerry (Sun 2nd April)

In Division 2, Derry begin at home to Clare (Sun 5th Feb) in their first of four home games.

The other games hosted by the Oak Leaf county are Kildare (Sun 26th Feb), Down (Sun 5th March) and Cork (Sun 26th March).

The three on thE road are Meath (Sun 11th Feb), Galway (Sun 19th March) and Fermanagh (Sun 2nd Apr)

Round 1:

Saturday 4 February
Division 1: Mayo v Monaghan.
Division 2: Down v Fermanagh.
Division 3: Laois v Louth.

Sunday 5 February
Division 1: Cavan v Dublin, Donegal v Kerry, Tyrone v Roscommon.
Division 2: Derry v Clare, Galway v Cork, Meath v Kildare.
Division 3: Longford v Offaly, Sligo v Armagh, Tipperary v Antrim.
Division 4: Waterford v London, Westmeath v Carlow, Wicklow v Leitrim, Wexford v Limerick.

Round 2:

Saturday 11 February
Division 1: Dublin v Tyrone, Kerry v Mayo.
Division 3: Armagh v Laois.
Division 4: Waterford v Wicklow

Sunday 12 February
Division 1: Roscommon v Donegal, Monaghan v Cavan.
Division 2: Clare v Down, Fermanagh v Galway, Kildare v Cork, Meath v Derry (tbc).
Division 3: Lough v Longford, Offaly v Antrim, Tipperary v Sligo.
Division 4: Carlow v London, Limerick v Westmeath, Leitrim v Wexford.

Round 3:

Saturday 25 February
Division 1: Mayo v Roscommon, Tyrone v Cavan.
Division 2: Down v Meath.
Division 3: Laois v Tipperary.

Sunday 26 February
Division 1: Donegal v Dublin, Kerry v Monaghan.
Division 2: Cork v Fermanagh, Derry v Kildare, Galway v Clare.
Division 3: Antrim v Sligo, Longford v Armagh, Offaly v Louth.
Division 4: Wicklow v London, Westmeath v Leitrim, Carlow v Limerick, Wexford v Waterford.

Round 4:

Saturday 4 March
Division 1: Cavan v Donegal, Dublin v Mayo (tbc), Tyrone v Monaghan.

Sunday 5 March
Division 1: Roscommon v Kerry.
Division 2: Clare v Cork, Meath v Galway, Derry v Down, Kildare v Fermanagh.
Division 3: Armagh v Offaly, Louth v Antrim, Sligo v Laois, Tipperary v Longford.
Division 4: Limerick v London, Leitrim v Carlow, Waterford v Westmeath, Wicklow v Wexford.

Round 5:

Saturday 18 March
Division 1: Donegal v Tyrone.
Division 2: Down v Kildare.
Division 3: Carlow v Waterford.

Sunday 19 March
Division 1: Kerry v Dublin, Mayo v Cavan, Monaghan v Roscommon.
Division 2: Cork v Meath, Fermanagh v Clare, Galway v Derry.
Division 3: Longford v Sligo, Louth v Armagh, Offaly v Tipperary, Antrim v Laois.
Division 4: Wexford v London, Limerick v Leitrim, Westmeath v Wicklow.

Round 6:

Saturday 25 March
Division 1: Dublin v Roscommon, Donegal v Monaghan.
Division 3: Armagh v Antrim, Laois v Longford.
Division 4: Waterford v Limerick.

Sunday 26 March
Division 1: Cavan v Kerry, Tyrone v Mayo.
Division 2: Derry v Cork, Kildare v Clare , Meath v Fermanagh , Down v Galway.
Division 3: Sligo v Offaly, Tipperary v Louth.
Division 4: Leitrim v London, Wexford v Westmeath, Wicklow v Carlow.

Round 7:

Sunday 2 April
Division 1: Kerry v Tyrone, Mayo v Donegal, Monaghan v Dublin, Roscommon v Cavan.
Division 2: Clare v Meath, Cork v Down, Fermanagh v Derry, Galway v Kildare.
Division 3: Armagh v Tipperary, Louth v Sligo, Offaly v Laois, Antrim v Longford.
Division 4: Westmeath v London, Leitrim v Waterford, Carlow v Wexford, Limerick v Wicklow.