Drunk driver arrested in Buncrana after crashing into patrol car

CrqQSV5WcAA6auFA man has been arrested after he drove the wrong way up a one-way street in Buncrana while drunk.

The man then crashed into a wall and reversed into a garda patrol car.

The incident occurred around 4am in Buncrana on August 28 but details are only emerging now.

Gardai had been in pursuit of the driver after he accessed a one-way street - the car was then crashed into a wall on Ferris Lane.

The driver attempted to flee the scene but collided with the garda car. He then tried to escape on foot but was arrested by gardai.

Gardai say the driver didn't have a licence and was over the drink drive limit. His car had no tax, no NCT and no insurance.

Nobody was injured during the incident and an investigation into the the matter is ongoing.