Similarities between Ireland and Georgia explored at Lifford meeting


The prospect of closer links between Donegal and Georgia is being explored following a visit to Lifford last week by George Zurabashvili, the Georgian Charges d'Affaires.

He met with Donegal County Council's Cathairleach Terence Slowey and and Chief Executive Seamus Neely.

Mr Neely says the visit of Mr. Zurabashvilli to County House provided the Council with a great opportunity to showcase what the county has to offer and to discuss opportunities for trade development in a number of key areas including tourism and food, as well as the potential for educational exchanges.

With that in mind, the Georgian representative also met with senior staff from Letterkenny Institute of Technology.

Georgia is located at the crossroads between Western Asia and Eastern Europe and is renowned for its history, the Caucasus Mountains, national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Seamus Neely says the similarities between both regions were highlighted, particularly in terms of their importance as economic hubs.

Ireland has the potential to act as a transatlantic hub into Europe, while Georgia has the potential to become an important hub into Asia and Europe.