People can’t believe how beautiful Adele is despite being ill and without a scrap of make-up on



Adele wasn’t feeling her best as she posted a video to apologise to fans over having to cancel a concert on Wednesday evening.

The British singing sensation was forced to pull out of her second concert in Phoenix, Arizona, due to a nasty cold, and it’s clear to see she was absolutely gutted.

Going make-up free in and apologetic video, and with a bit of a red nose, the 28-year-old looked markedly different from her usual self.

She’s known for her trademark eyeliner flick and clever contouring, along with perfectly-styled hair, but she was happy to show off her natural looks in the video and in a fresh-faced picture before that.

Despite the low-key look, fans were quick to tell her how beautiful she looks without a scrap of make-up on.