British government rejects Brexit petition as Eastwood says border is “unenforceable”

colm eastwood

There will be no second EU referendum for the UK following last month's vote to leave Europe.

The British government has officially responded to a petition saying the decision of the people 'must be respected'.

The online document attracted more than 4-million signatures in the days following the BREXIT vote.

In Northern Ireland, 5,634 signed the petition in Foyle, 3,193 in Fermanagh South Tyrone, 3,153 in East Derry and 2,979 in West Tyrone.

Meanwhile, the leader of the SDLP says the north's economy is experiencing a very real shock following the Brexit vote.

Colum Eastwood says he has already seen anecdotal evidence that foreign investment is starting to freeze up.

The Foyle MLA says the SDLP will use every parliamentary and legal option to stop the North being dragged out of the EU against its wishes, and is calling on the Taoiseach and the Irish government to back that stance.

On speculation that border checkpoints may return, Mr Eastwood doesn't believesuch a policy would be enforceable..............