Randox announce sales have now exceeded £1 billion

Randox Billionth

Randox, whose facility in Dungloe is one of West Donegal's biggest employers, have passed a major milestone.

Dr Peter Fitzgerald told a company sales conference today that since its inception in 1982, Randox has now surpassed £1 billion of total sales in medical diagnostic products.

Dr. FitzGerald, who founded the company outside Crumlin in Co Antrim 34 years ago said the figure was passed with the sale of a batch of Respiratory Infection Biochips to a client in Saudia Arabia.

He added this technology, which is unique to Randox, not only improves antibiotic prescribing, but reduces the risk of growing antimicrobial resistance – a major global healthcare threat.

Dr. FitzGerald says once operational and infrastructure costs have been met, Randox reinvests all profits into further research and development and, as a result, the company has more new tests in development than any other healthcare company in the world.

This, allied with a first class staff, are secrets to Randox's success, he added.

There is still much to be done, Dr Fitzgerald concluded, and the company is developing world class facilities in Antrim, in Dungloe in Co Donegal, in Bangalore in India and in West Virginia in the US.