Women hand themselves into police claiming to have broken the laws of abortion

abortion pillsThree pro-choice women handed themselves into Derry's Strand Road police station yesterday claiming they had accepted a delivery of abortion pills on behalf of women who were too afraid to receive them delivery to their own homes.

71 year-old, Diana King, 68 year-old, Colette Devlin and 69 year-old, Kitty O'Kane were questioned after arriving at Strand Road Police Station with a prepared statement and accompanied by a solicitor.
During questioning protests took place outside before the release of the women pending a report to the Public Prosecution Service.

The Women's Liberation Front Facebook page quoted one of the three, Diana King, who is a former social worker and foster mother as saying that they challenge the law and are angry that it is still illegal for women to have abortions in Northern Ireland, while they cannot afford to travel to England to receive one and feel strongly that women are being criminalised in this regard.

This follows a case last month when a 21 year-old woman from Belfast was handed a suspended sentence after buying drugs online to terminate her pregnancy.