Junior Minister likely to vote against government on Irish Water abolition motion


An independent junior minister says he's likely to vote against the government in the Dáil this week.

John Halligan says he will probably support a motion signed by 39 TDs, calling for the immediate abolition of domestic water charges.

The motion is set to go to a vote in the Dáil on Wednesday night - just seven days after Mr Halligan was given a junior ministry at the Department of Jobs.

The motion was signed by a total of 38 TDs, and will be taken in Sinn Fein's time tomorrow and Wednesday night.

It will be moved by Donegal Deputy Pearse Doherty, who says 90 members of the current Dail actively campaigned on an anti- Irish Water platform.

He's calling on all of them, and especially Fianna Fail’s two Donegal TDs to back up their election promises and support the motion.

Deputy Doherty says Fianna Fail's stance will be crucial...............