Top fitness coach Adam Speer urges ice baths for public health

Adam Speer

The former strength and conditioning coach to Donegal's 2012 All Ireland winners is urging the public to use the health benefits of freezing ice baths.

Adam Speer, who operates his business out of Newmills in Letterkenny, believes in the cryotherapy ice spas for injury prevention and rehabilitation and promoted them when he was with the senior Donegal men from 2011-2014.

He spoke on Sunday Sport about the baths that that are used by soccer clubs in England's Premier League.

He said they are beneficial, but warned that people with low body fat may not be able to tolerate the freezing temperatures, while most people can endure the subzero conditions for up to four minutes at waist-level.

He told presenter Myles Gallagher that the waters around Donegal offer similar benefits because of the coldness of the temperatures and they also have the added benefit of the "salt water effect" and the ability to exercise in the waters...