See how the Deadpool mask was made

Deadpool Mask

Deadpool was the biggest surprise of the year so far - not only managing to be a totally off the wall fun time at the cinema but becoming a major box office success. And something this weird rarely gets that kind of attention.

So while we wait for the sequel to arrive in 2017, it's time to look forward to seeing the film again on home video. And while we're not getting an alternative cut of the film, there will be a ton of extras, including videos like the one below.

If you were curious about just how much work it takes to get the Deadpool mask just right, the answer is - a lot.

The expressive movement of Deadpool's eyes was created in post production using CG, so this mask is just part of what builds the character. But it looks great up close, especially the textured material used for the red parts of the suit. And it's good to know that they thought about helping Ryan Reynolds breathe in there!

Deadpool is on DVD and blu-ray in June 2016.