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Weekend EditionIt was another busy 'Weekend Edition' with Greg Hughes this Saturday - you can listen to highlights below or tune in live each Saturday morning from 10am

Seamus Campbell is the Regional Development Officer for Special Olympics Ireland & he joins Greg to tell us of their upcoming Collection Day on Friday 22nd April for their annual fundraising event of the year:

Violet Gibson’s bullet missed Mussolini’s bald head but removed part of his nose. Violet Gibson was known as the Irishwoman who shot Mussolini & Siobhan Lynam joins Greg this morning to tell us about the documentary she narrated & produced about Violet Gibson’s story & how she became the only person ever to come close to succeeding in assassinating the dictator:

Are you struggling to cope at work? Would you like some tips on how to look after yourself & other? Caroline McGuigan is CEO of Suicide or Survive & joins the Weekend Edition to offer us simple, practical advice on making our workplace a more supportive space:

In light of National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Week this week, singer Emma Lou joins the Weekend Edition to talk about living with the disorder. Emma discusses openly and honestly about what Cystic Fibrosis is, how it has affected her, how the condition is one of the reasons behind her unique vocal sound and why it made her reject an X-Factor audition:

Amy Meehan from Manorcunningham recently won the North West Talent Competition at the Millennium Forum - Amy joined us on the Weekend Edition to perform live: