Almost 1,000 marriages celebrated in Donegal last year


Wedding Ring

There were almost 1,000 marriages celebrated in County Donegal in 2015

The figures released by the central statistics office show that while the majority of those were Catholic marriages, there was an increase in the number of Civil Marriages:

According to the statistics, 681 Catholic Marriages took place last year, 35 Church of Ireland, 28 Presbyterian, 240 Civil Marriages while 8 were listed as being other religious denominations.

547 of the men Married were single compared to 575 of the woman. Of the men 8 were widower while 3 of the women were widows. 20 of the men were previously married while 33 of the women were divorces.

There were only 2 civil partnerships in Donegal last year, one involving a male couple, the other involving a female couple.

There were 94 divorce applications in Donegal last year, 34 were granted while 4 couples were granted a judicial separation.