Michaella Mc Collum interview to be broadcast on RTE television tonight

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The Tyrone woman arrested and jailed for drugs smuggling in Peru has said her decision was made in a "moment of madness".

Michaella McCollum was freed on parole this week after serving more than two years in prison in South America.

In an interview to be broadcast on RTE tonight, she says if the cocaine had got back to Europe, she could have had a lot of blood on her hands.

Ms Mc Collum says she was not a bad person, and wanted to demonstrate she was a good person.

She is set to spend her time on parole working with an AIDS charity and teaching english.

In August 2013, Ms McCollum and Scottish woman Melissa Reid, from Scotland, were caught with 11kg of cocaine worth almost €2 million when they were searched at Lima's international airport. The drugs had been hidden inside packages of food.

They both initially claimed they had been kidnapped and forced to carry drugs, but later admitted the charges.

Ms McCollum was released effectively on parole on Thursday night and her solicitor is waiting to hear the terms of her release.


Picture - RTE