Admissions to Dungloe Hospital closed after present of CRE bug is identified

Dungloe HospitalDungloe Community Hospital has been temporarily closed to admissions following the identification of an antibiotic resistant bacteria in a number of patients.

The HSE is stressing that none of the residents in Dungloe Community Hospital currently have a clinical infection with CRE or are experiencing any symptoms.

Control measures have been implemented as per national guidelines and the Director of Nursing has been liaising with all those affected in the hospital.

Patients with CRE can go home as soon as their doctor decides they are ready.

There is no need to take special precautions at home.

Visitors to Dungloe Community Hospital are advised to check with staff on arrival as to what protective measures need to be taken when visiting family members and friends.

It is important that visitors to any healthcare facility are vigilant about their hand hygiene at all times; this measure helps prevent onward spread of infections.

The organisms involved are known as CRE and are bugs that live in the bowel

In most people, CRE bugs are harmless and do not cause infection. However, if a person is prone to infection and the infection is caused by CRE, it can be difficult to treat, because many of the commonly used antibiotics will not work against CRE.

In Ireland, from 2013 to 2015, there have been 269 confirmed CRE.