US Congressman with Donegal links ‘deeply concern’ by the Mary Boyle case

Brendan Boyle 2A US Congressman, with strong Donegal links, has told Anne Doherty that he is Deeply concerned about the case of her missing twin sister Mary Boyle.

Brendan Boyle was one of a number of people Anne Doherty met during a visit to the US this week in a bid to highlight her quest for justice.

Mary Boyle went missing aged 6 near her grandparents’ home outside Ballyshannon in 1977.

It is claimed that Mary’s killer is walking free, and the garda investigation at the time was hampered by a politician who ordered that certain people be not considered suspects.

Journalist Gemma O'Doherty travelled to the US the Anne Doherty, she says Congressman Brendan Boyle showed deep concern:


Ann Doherty spoke to me earlier from the US, she is pleased with how the meetings went: