Cllr John O’Donnell tells court he’s filing for bankrupcy

john o'donnellDonegal County Councillor John O'Donnell today told Letterkenny District Court that he is filing for bankruptcy.

Mr O'Donnell was back in court having failed to pay all compensation awarded in relation to a civil matter involving a woman whose foot he had driven over on a building site several years ago.

She re-entered the case and applied to have Mr O'Donnell committed to prison for failing to continue to pay €200 a week to her as directed by the court.

Mr O'Donnell said he had paid Ms Kucklick €200 a week as previously instructed for as long as he could afford to but he had millions of euro in liabilities.

Judge Kelly varied the compensation order to €100 a week and said that if Mr O'Donnell did not comply with that then he would take a different view of matters.