Recount of Gary Doherty and Dessie Shiels’ votes begins at Donegal count


Following the recheck of the votes of Gary Doherty, Pearse Doherty and Dessie Shiels, a recount of Gary Doherty and Dessie Shiels' votes has been requested by Sinn Fein.

The recheck had been sought last night after Gary Doherty was eliminated with just seven votes between himself and Dessie Shiels.

A short time ago, Cllr Doherty confirmed that after the recheck, that gap narrowed to four after 20 votes were re-examined .

It's likely this process will take some time before a result is known, and depending on what the process throws up, a request for a full recount from either Sinn Fein or the Pringle camp can't be ruled out.


Pic - Candidates' representatives oversee the re-examination of 20 votes.