Detectives investigate claim that Robert Black ‘confessed’ to more killings


Claims that serial child killer Robert Black admitted several more killings in conversations with a fellow prisoner in the North are being examined by English detectives.

Black, who was convicted of murdering four young girls across the UK, died in Maghaberry prison last month.

The detectives were in Northern Ireland last week to question Barry McCarney who is serving life for the murder of 15 month old Millie Martin in 2009.

They questioned McCarney twice over three days, for four hours each time.

The BBC is reporting this morning that after Black's death in January, McCarney told prison authorities that the paedophile had confessed several murders to him.

Although Black was convicted of four child killings, he never admitted any of them.

Black is suspected of at least 12 other unsolved child murders, including that of Genette Tate in Devon in 1978.

His name has also been mentioned in relation to the case of Mary Boyle from West Donegal, who disappeared close to her grandparents' home near Balyshannon in March 1977.

However, journalist Gemma O'Doherty who has workled clossly with Mary's twin sister Anne says it is Anne's belief that Mary was murdered by someone she knew, and who is still alive.