Council responds to Cllr Frank Mc Brearty’s claim of industrial unrest among water staff

mc brearty 2016

Donegal County Council has responded to claims from Cllr Frank Mc Brearty that a strike by water workers was narrowly averted in the county.

Cllr Mc Brearty called on Chief Executive Seamus Neely to make a statement, after claiming that council water staff who are now contracted to Irish Water were on the verge of strike action, but that action was averted at the last minute following discussions between the council's Chief Executive and the unions involved.

Cllr Mc Brearty said the key issue was fears among the staff that once their 12 year contracts with Irish Water have expired the workers may find themselves being made redundant, with suggestions that 400 jobs were at risk nationally.

In a statement this afternoon, the council says there is no proposal to reduce jobs by 400 and no proposals for compulsory redundancies in Donegal.

The council says ollowing the announcement by Irish Water of its Business Plan in October, management and the Unions nationally have been in discussion at the Workplace Relations Commission to ensure a managed approach to any reductions in jobs across the country.

When these discussions have been concluded at a national level the Council will be informed of the outcome. The Council will be making no further comment pending the outcome of the national discussions.