Donegal’s lifeboats launched 76 times in 2015 – RNLI

rnli lifeboat 2015

The RNLI has urged people to "respect the water" after the group's 2015 report revealed that its lifeboats launched nearly 11 hundred rescue missions last year.

The lifeboat organisation rescued over 12 hundred people last year.

In Donegal, there were a total of 76 launches in 2015, with 61 people rescued.

Aranmore Lifeboat was Donegal's busiest with 36 launches, during which 27 people were rescued.

Lough Swilly Lifeboat launched a total of 20 times, with the All Weather Boat launching 9 times and rescuing 17 people, while the Inshore Boat launched 11 times, rescuing six people.

The Bundoran Inshore lifeboat launched 20 times with 17 people rescued.