House prices in Donegal slightly above national average –

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The latest house price figures from show that prices increased in 2015 by 8 and a half per-cent across the country between October and December.

In Donegal, prices between October and December 2015 were 9% higher than a year previously, compared to a rise of 1% seen a year ago. The average house price in the county is now €126,000, 10% above its lowest point.

The Donegal price increase is slightly above the national average of 8.5%, according to the latest House Price Report released today by

However, that hides a significant difference between Dublin, where prices rose by just 2.7%, and the rest of the country, where the average increase was 13.1%.

House prices in Donegal are still significantly below the national average, of €204,000, compared to €188,000 a year ago.