Red Rock star: I kept character’s death secret from the cast

Richard-Flood-Red-Rock-TV3-600x325While his death completely shocked viewers, actor Richard Flood has said he always knew his character was going to be murdered.

The Red Rock star left fans in shock this week, when he was brutally killed, but Richard revealed he was told from day one.

“On the first day…they took me aside and said ‘We’re not going to tell any of the cast so if you can keep it a secret, it’s just going to be much better’,” he said.

“People were genuinely shocked and then a bit emotional I guess because we had spent a lot of time together,” he told the Herald.

Now that Detective McKay is no more, Richard said he is back doing auditions again, looking out for the next role.

“Like every other actor, I’m back on the audition trail, travelling to America. I have potential business opportunities there and just being a dad,” he explained.