Little Things You Can Do For Your Mental Health


Top Ten #LittleThings you can do for your mental health

1. Talk it out: We’re all guilty of harbouring our personal problems/stressful situations, not wanting to burden friends and family… but we need to realise this is merely a short term solution to a long term problem. Conversations are crucial & take a surprising amount of weight off our shoulders. Whether it’s a medical professional or simply a friend – it’s important to talk it out and avoid small problems escalating.

2. Start your day in a positive way: This small simple task that can give you great perspective for the day ahead. Every morning when you wake up, make a note (either mental or on paper) of 5 things you are grateful for – “a gratitude journal”. It might take discipline to get started but negativity is a pervasive emotion but you can break the cycle by reminding yourself of #littlethings you feel positive about.

3. Get your body moving: Easier said than done perhaps, but the importance of releasing plenty of happy endorphins when you’re not feeling yourself is paramount. You don’t have to commit to becoming a gym bunny or sign up for Marathons - start small with brisk walks on a sunny evening, dancing with friends, cycling to work or even hiking with friends at the weekend. The release of a light jog when you’re frustrated might just surprise you.

4. Make the kitchen your friend: After a long hard & irritating day the simple solution is to treat ourselves to something delicious, easy & probably not that nutritionally beneficial for dinner…. bad idea. Good food is essential to make sure your mind and body work properly. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet meal but, picking a few simple 30 minute recipes to create a healthy, balanced & therefore guilt free meal can be extremely gratifying. Buy a bag of nuts to snack on, put on your favourite album & get started!

5. Don’t just count sheep: The benefits of a good night’s sleep are self-evident yet still most of us struggle to get our 8 hours. Lying awake with your mind racing often ruin our best intentions to get an “early night”. Believe it or not a good sleep routine takes work & there are #littlethings we can do to encourage a sounder sleep on a nightly basis. Cut down on caffeine -especially in the evening, turn your phone off an hour before bed & develop a wind down routine with a good book or ambient music. Allow the mind to relax & prepare for rest.

6. Expand your network of friends%3