“New IRA” planning escalation in attacks on PSNI – Sunday Times


It's reported today that a Dublin based group styling itself the "New IRA" is planning an escalation in its activities.

Gardai and the PSNI believe the group has been responsible for a number of attacks against PSNI personnel in recent months.

According to the Sunday Times, a group of republicans based around Crunlin in Dublin has been involved in a number of incidents in recent months. They include a gun attack on an unmarked PSNI car in West Belfast last month, and an attempt to bomb a car belonging to a married couple, both of them police officers, in Eglinton in June.

Three people, at least two of them from Dublin, were subsequently arrested in Ballybofey. They were later released without charge.

These incidents are part of what the paper is describing as an upsurge of dissident activity on both sides of the border, which it is linking to a group calling itself the 'New IRA'.

It's made up of the Real IRA, what have been described as disaffected provisionals and anti drugs vigilantes.