Sylvester Stallone producing Rambo TV show


Sylvester Stallone is producing a 'Rambo' TV show.

The 69-year-old action star has played John Rambo in the five movies in the franchise and will executive produce 'Rambo: New Blood', which will focus on the relationship between Rambo and his ex-Navy Seal son J.R.

It is not yet known if Sylvester will also star in the Fox TV show.

Just recently, Sylvester revealed that he believes Ryan Gosling would be the perfect if "odd choice" to step into his shoes as John Rambo.

In an interview posted to his Twitter page, Sylvester said: "For Rambo, who would I pass it on to? Ryan Gosling. Kind of an odd choice though right?"

Meanwhile, Sylvester is currently reprising his most famous role of Rocky Balboa in the new film 'Creed', which sees him training Adonis, the son of his opponent-turned-friend Apollo Creed, for his own championship match.

The movie, the seventh in the 'Rocky' saga, has received rave reviews from critics and earned over $42 million since its release last week.