Eastwood calls on Cameron to withdraw “terrorist sympathisers” remark

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The first British airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Syria could take place before the end of the week if MPs in the UK give their backing in a vote today.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has warned the bombing raids would lead to civilian casualties - but has offered his party a free vote on the issue.

Last night, Prime Minister David Cameron urged politicians - not to be on the same side as what he called -- "a bunch of terrorist sympathisers".

Foyle MLA and SDLP leader Colm Eastwood has called on him to withdraw that remark.

Speaking last night at the launch of a new book charting the life and career of former SDLP leader John Hume, Colm Eastwood described David Cameron’s remarks as appalling, inaccurate and offensive in the extreme.

He said "opposing military action in Syria that will kill innocents and feed the evil we all want to defeat is not sympathy with terrorists, it’s part of the lesson we have learned from decades of conflict".

He added "To describe people like Mark Durkan, Margaret Ritchie and Alasdair McDonnell as ‘terrorist sympathisers’ is absolutely galling. These are people who stood strongly against violence for over forty years at great personal risk while people like David Cameron enjoyed a life of privilege".

Mr Eastwood said SDLP MPs will not legitimise the trigger finger of a Prime Minister more concerned with the theatrics of winning a political victory over the Labour Party than the devastation that will rain down on innocents in Syria.