Derry police investigate lead theft from Longtower church


Police at Strand Road are appealing for information about the theft of lead from the roof of a church.

The theft took place from a church on Longtower Street and is only the latest in a series of lead thefts.

Constable Morrison, the investigating officer, said that clergy and lay people at St Columba's Church, Longtower Street, discovered the theft after a leak started during the bad weather over the last couple of days.

“When contractors went up onto the roof, they noted a large quantity of lead was missing. They state that a couple of Saturdays ago – about November 7 - they were informed some boys had been on the roof.”

This was one of several lead thefts in Derry-Londonderry in recent times. In the early hours of Wednesday, the theft of lead from the roof of Nazareth House in Bishop Street was discovered.