Strabane councillor expresses concern at damage caused by bonfire preparations

patsy transformer

Strabane based Councillor Patsy Kelly is urging parents to check on the whereabouts of their children after a local factory was broken into yesterday and pallets stolen for a bonfire.

A fire was started by the youths at the rear of the Mopak premises as they left, and a short time later, pallets were found close to an electrical transformer near the Adria site in the town, with evidence of a fire having being lit there also.

Cllr Kelly is calling for action on illegal bonfires, saying they create serious risk, and promote behaviour such as that seen in Strabane over the weekend.

He says some of those involved were no more than children, but their actions could have had catastrophic consequences..........


patsy mopak

Photographs from Cllr Patrick Kelly's Facebook page