Irish Water confirms a €73 million investment programme for Donegal


Irish Water has confirmed today it will spend over €73 million in Donegal's water infrastructure over the next four years.

The projects, some of which have been in planning for over 15 years include four new Water Treatment Plants at Goldrum in Letterkenny, Creeslough, Ballyshannon and Owenteskna.

The work will by done in conjunction with Donegal County Council, including an extension of the supply from the Eddie Fullerton Pollan Dam to Letterkenny.

On today's Shaun Doherty Show, Irish Water Spokesperson Jerry Grant outlined some of the projects involved...............


Details of the plan as announced this morning

Scheme Approximate


Target Completion Details
Letterkenny Water Supply Scheme €22m Target completion 2018 with interim works in 2016 Works include:

-          a new Water Treatment Plant at Goldrum

-          a new trunk main from Pollan Dam Water Supply Scheme to increase supply to Letterkenny

-          replacement of 12.3km of trunk/distribution main from Goldrum to Mountain Top Reservoir

-          approximately 28km of new interconnecting pipe network to enable decommissioning of existing plants at Churchill and Rathmullen.

Once completed these works will remove the Rathmullen and Letterkenny Water Supply Schemes from the RAL delivering an improved drinking water supply to over 22,000 customers.

An interim measure, involving the provision of Ultra-violet (UV) disinfection, will be in place by 2016 and this will protect the supply against the risk of a cryptosporidium outbreak.

Gortahork-Falcarragh Water Supply Scheme €2m Target completion early 2017 A major upgrade of the Ardsbeg Water Treatment Plant is required to address the water quality issues affecting approximately 5,000 customers on this scheme. Irish Water is currently working on the design and scope of this project and expects work to commence in 2016.
Lettermacaward Regional Water Supply Scheme  €6m Target completion by late 2018 Works include:

-        doubling of the volume of water that can be treated at the existing Lettermacaward plant

-        the laying of approximately 15km of new pipework

-        the construction of a new reservoir.

Customers currently supplied by the Portnoo-Narin and   Fintown Water Supply Schemes will benefit from the upgraded plant at Lettermacaward.  In addition the long term supply to the Glenties-Ardara Scheme is under consideration.  The works will enable the removal of an estimated 5,700 people from the RAL.

Cresslough Water Supply Scheme €3m Target completion by late 2018 A new water treatment plant to replace the existing plant at Creeslough is required to remove this scheme from the RAL and deliver improved water quality to 4,000 customers served by this plant.
Killybegs Regional Water Supply Scheme €9m Target completion in 2018 Increasing the water processing capacity of the existing Killybegs treatment plant from 6 to 11.85 million litres per day along with new reservoir storage.  This will ensure adequate supply to the 5,000 customers served by this scheme, particularly during peak times.  This is particularly important for the fish processing industry in this region.
Ballyshannon Regional Water Supply Scheme €15m Target completion in 2017 Works include:

-        building a new treatment plant at Knadar, Ballyshannon

-        extension of the network to facilitate connection of other supply schemes to the new plant.

Once completed existing plants at Ballyshannon, Cashilard and Ballymagroarty will be decommissioned.  This will enable the removal of the Cashilard Water Supply Scheme from the RAL and address water quality issues for the 400 customers supplied by this scheme.  The new plant at Ballyshannon will serve over 9,000 customers across this region.

Owenteskna Water Supply Scheme €5.4m Target completion in mid-2017 Upgrades will include the construction of a new water treatment plant capable of processing 2 MLD (million litres of water per day) which will facilitate the removal of the Owenteskna/Kilcar water supply scheme from the RAL and provide safe clean drinking water to 2,000 customers.
East Inishowen Regional Water Supply Scheme €4.6m Target completion in 2018 Works include:

-        a new storage reservoir at Crockaveeny Hill

-        a new 8km pipeline to connect the reservoir to the existing Illies Water Treatment Plant

-        a new pumping station at the Illies plant

-        a new distribution main from the reservoir into the East Inishowen supply network

This will enable decommissioning of the Greencastle water treatment plant and removal of this scheme from the RAL which affects approximately 800 customers of this scheme.

Donegal Countywide Water Rehabilitation Contracts €6.4m Target completion in 2018 A countywide package of works (c.45.5km of mains replacement) in 15 prioritised sections spread over 7 water supply schemes (Lough Mourne, Fanad, Milford, Ballyshannon, Bundoran, East Inishowen and Rosses) have been identified for replacement. Irish Water are currently progressing design and planning works and expect construction to commence in 2017.  Once completed, over 30,000 customers on these supply schemes will benefit from improved service and water quality.