No decision on the future of Glenties Courthouse

glenties courthouse

The Courts Service has claimed it would cost €80,000 to remove immediate risk of health and safety risks at Glenties courthouse - and a multiple of that to improve the building.

The statement was released after Judge Paul Kelly appealed for the 172-year-old building to be saved yesterday - his last day in the court before it moves across the street to temporary accommodation.

District Court Judge Kelly pleaded with the Court Service not to shut the historic old building on a permanent basis.

He said the building was being closed for a relatively small amount of money.

A statement from the Court Service last night said that following the recent collapse of part of an upstairs ceiling in Glenties Courthouse, the Office of Public Works was asked to conduct a health and safety audit of the building.

They reported back that the ceiling was not the only problem. An issue with the floor in the courtroom had also been identified and the building was ruled currently not fit for ongoing public use.

No decision has been made yet about the approach to tackling this problem, and in the meantime the Courts Service has sourced a building directly across from the courthouse with suitable facilities for court hearings. This has been approved as a temporary venue for the court to sit.