Graham Norton to retire at 60

Graham Norton

Graham Norton plans to retire at 60.

The 52-year-old presenter isn't ready to leave his self-titled talk show just yet, but he is already making plans as he wants to have the time to "enjoy life" before it's too late.

He said "I'm not jumping from the show now, but the idea is in my head. You want to get out when you can. I want to still enjoy life."

Graham - who is currently single - always tries to be happy, even when things go wrong, and doesn't want to be someone who doesn't enjoy the things they have.

He said: "If you'd asked me at 42 if I was happy I would have said yes, even when things weren't so good because you choose your happiness.

"Some people are bad at it - they spend their whole time thinking about the life they're not living, yearning for something else rather than enjoying the life they are living. What's the point of that?"

Despite his years of success, the Irish presenter admits he doesn't lead a lavish lifestyle.

He told Closer magazine: "I don;t want to spend all my money as that would be stupid, so you forget you have it and get on with life.

"Then I'll have a meeting with the bank and they'll say, 'You have this amount' and I think, 'I really should go out and buy something.' "