Somebody worked out how much it would actually cost to attend Hogwarts


School can be a tough time for a teen wizard.

Will you be accepted to the school you've always dreamed of, and what house would you be drafted to if you do go there. We always though of ourselves a part of Hufflepu....Hold on, how much?

Never mind it being a tough time for the kids, the adolescent years are an absolute pain for the child's parents, seeing as they pay through the nose for a bit of throwing a wand about, and riding on a broomstick.

Kevin O'Keefe over at worked out how much it'd cost to attend Hogwarts per year, and it's an absolute rip off. Using the formula of one Galleon(wizard money, seemingly) being equal to five pounds, something J.K. Rowling mentioned on her Pottermore website, O'Keefe managed to estimate the cost for a single year of tuition to be about $42,000.

If you think it ends there, you're wrong. That doesn't even include your supplies, which include a wand($42), a cauldron($105), a telescope($35), an owl($140), some books which obviously aren't part of a rental scheme($91), a few glass phials($21), and your uniform/robes($576).

This leaves your total cost for first year at $43,031, and if that's the case you can keep your fancy wands, we'll make our own magic school, with blackjack. Actually, forget the school, and the magic.