Abz from 5ive thinks he’s scored £1 million after putting his Brit Award on eBay


A £1 million bid has been placed on eBay for former 5ive boyband member Abz’s Brit Award, leaving the star wondering if the offer is a hoax.

The one-time pop star put his Newcomer: Best Pop Act trophy on the auction site to raise funds for soil and gardening tools for his smallholding in Wales.

Listing the award with 99p start price at 8am on Monday the singer watched the bids roll in and reach £1,000,000 while he was being interviewed on the phone by The Press Association.

When he was told the latest figure Abz said: “Oh my God – I don’t know what to say. It has to be a hoax – it can’t be real.

“I don’t need a million quid! I feel light-headed. All I needed was a bit of soil and it’s gone nuts.

“I better get in touch with eBay - that’s a lot of soil!”

The 36-year-old, whose real name is Richard Abidin Breen, now lives in Carmarthenshire, Mid Wales, with his 31-year-old partner Vicky Fallon.

Reacting to the interest shown on eBay she said: “It’s life-changing for us because we’ve been struggling and it will mean we can do all the things we haven’t been able to afford to do until now.”

Abz has so far sold his Rolex watch, Louis Vuitton luggage and diamond stud earrings to fund his attempt at a self-sufficient lifestyle but he had, up until this point, refused to sell his Brit Award.