Derry rally told refugees will be welcomed “with open arms”


Talks on the refugee crisis continue at EU level today, with a meeting of foreign ministers in Luxembourg and a separate gathering of the leaders of four eastern European countries - including Hungary.

It comes ahead of a European Commission proposal to relocate an extra 120-thousand people across the European Union to be unveiled next week.

Calls are mounting for a united response to the refugee crisis after pictures were published of the body of three-year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi washed up on a beach in Turkey.

His brother and their mother also drowned.

Aylan's aunt - who lives in Canada - says she spoke to her sister-in-law before the family set off on their journey....................

At a rally in Derry last evening, People Before Profit's Eamon Mc Cann said governments don't speak for the people on the refugee issue. He said the people of this island would welcome refugees with open arms. The people of Derry would open their hearts.

He addded should be a source of shame that we have to look to Germany and Angela Merkel for a moral response to a major tragedy.

A rally calling for more refugees to be brought to Ireland will take place in Letterkenny next Tuesday.