Public in North West to be on the alert over ‘sophisticated’ email scam

SkitchThe public is being warned about a sophisticated email scam.

Hackers are accessing people's emails and sending on request for money to their contacts.

A number of people and organisations in the northwest have been targeted in the scam.

As part of the scam, a person's email is hacked with their contacts being asked via email to help them.

If you reply the hackers spin a story about the person being stuck in Ukraine on a business trip claiming not to be able to access their account.

They ask for a loan of 1,200 euro promising to repay it on their return on Sunday.

It is thought some people have been caught out in the scam as often the correct address, telephone number and social media handles are including of the person wrongfully claimed to be in need.

Anyone receiving the emails is being advised to ignore them and if possible notify the person whose account has been hacked.