Educating Cardiff shows us how much we’ve grown since our own school days

Educating Cardiff

It was a fantastic first episode of Educating Cardiff.

And what have we learned? Mainly, that perspective is something you gain after school, as we found heroes in the most unlikely of people.

Barely 10 minutes in and Twitter came alive with love for maths teacher and head of Denbigh House, Paul Hennessy, or rather Mr Hennessy.

With his stiff shirt and tie, an eagle eye for mucking about in corridors and being completely unphased by whether his pupils like him or not, he represented that one old-school teacher who we all remember. That’s right, the one who ruled with an iron fist, but who you now realise cared the most.

While a number of pupils at Willows called him “horrible” and their least favourite teacher, we just loved…

Yep, that’s right, Mr H would actually ring up his truanting pupil Leah on a school phone to make sure she was on her way to school in the mornings. Why? He said: “Tough love is the hardest part of the job, but she has to follow the rules or she has no hope.

Awwww Mr Hennessy.

Meanwhile, it looks like we did not take kindly to headteacher Joy Ballard telling straight-A student Jess that she had a “quirky personality” and needed to “learn to socialise” just because her popularity didn’t rank on her list of academic priorities.