DJ Calvin Harris paid more than Jennifer Lawrence


Calvin Harris is the world's highest paid DJ.

The 'Summer' producer - who's dating pop star Taylor Swift - has topped the publication's annual list of highest paid earners, raking in an estimated $66m last year in pre-tax earnings between June 2014 to June 2015.

His staggering wage is far more than the second-highest paid DJ, David Guetta, who made $37m last year from his residencies in Las Vegas and Ibiza and headline slot at this year's Coachella Festival in California.

Dutch DJ Tiesto came third on the list with $36m whilst Skrillex and Steve Aoki - who both earned $24m - followed in joint fourth place.

Harris's haul - which surpassed 'Hunger Games' star Jennifer Lawrence who is the world's highest paid actress earning $52m in the same period - comes from the sale of his debut 2014 LP 'Motion' which reached the top of U.S. dance charts and the his modelling stint for Giorgio Armani for underwear, eye wear and watch lines, as well as his own Las Vegas residency.

Socialite Paris Hilton is reputed to earn up to $1m for a single DJing appearence - news which has drawn criticism from established DJs, most notably Deadmau5.