Man jailed for 10 months after stealing hot water boiler from his own flat


Derry Magistrates Court

Derry Magistrate's Court has heard how a man who wanted money for drink stole the hot water boiler out of his own flat and caused major damage to his flat and the one below.

Patrick Farren (25) of Flat 2, 4, Bayview Terrace admitted three counts of criminal damage and one of theft on September 11 last.

The court heard that the injured party a single mother noticed water coming through her roof from the flat above which was occupied by Farren.

She looked out and saw Farren with a water tank trying to fit it into a taxi and failing before getting another car.

The woman alerted police who waited for Farren to return.

The court was told there was substantial damage to Farren's flat and the woman's flat.

Defence barrister Ms Nicole Coulter said that Farren had admitted removing the boiler and selling it for £35.

She said he had been drinking all day and regretted the damage caused to the other flat.

District Judge Barney McElholm said that Farren 'in his desparation' had stolen the boiler from his own flat and damaged the other flat.

He said there was no chance of any compensation and jailed Farren for 10 months.